Alaraca..avaq economy out of the crisis

Ali Hassan al-Fawaz
Iraqi economy building depends mainly on oil production growth, and on oil exports increases the rate, and this paints a specific picture of the nature of the economic landscape and the possibilities of its development and influenced by all the variables that may beset the global economies. an interview with Mr. Sidr Alevic head of the IMF mission to Iraq draws to look at the seriousness of it, through the nature of his expectations, and that is embodied in monitoring productivity growth oil indicators mechanisms, and to increase its oil exports, he surmised growth Alanteg- and talk to Mr. Alevic- up to 11% with a suitable high oil exports requires a management have to imagine a realistic reality productive, The possibility of funding the Iraq b (830) million dollars from the rapid financing program will be an expression of the risk Mayaanih the Iraqi economy, and what can be added to the burdens and challenges of difficult to control.
Proceedings of the Iraqi economy requires a clear road map, as it requires a deep reading of the relationship of this map, of course steps to be taken towards reducing the manifestations of deficits and inflation, as well as the need to know the conditions of the International Monetary Fund as more creditors, but most Torita in the context of the Political Security accounts, and data that may be the cause of Trhin Iraqi economy fragile to more massive debts ..
The any assessment of the reality of Iraq can not be separated from the heavy legacy that suffers, and that still puts Iraq in the category of countries that suffer from economic distortions, and the complexities of the political conditions, and the war with Aldaasha terrorism, and inflation phenomenon of financial and administrative corruption have contributed to a large extent in obstructing any steps serious to address this predicament, and the search for a more realistic outlets, and even on the sources of debt affordable to cover the economic deficit by, and for the implementation of several strategic projects, and perhaps the pressure experienced by the federal budget reflect the gravity of that, by the escalation of the need to cover security costs, as well as the need for a steady increase oil production in exchange for a sharp fall in prices, and the fact that the adoption of the Iraqi economy to 95% of Airadth on oil, the need to cover the spending and fill the budget deficit requires a search for safe areas to address this, and put the government in a position to negotiate and maneuver, to face the repercussions of the downturn, especially in the oil sector, and dealing with other funding areas can contribute to ease the burden, and in the recovery of the economic environment, ranging from the development of more restraint and ease of banking policies, and to address the marginalized and unemployed private sector problems since the fall of the dictatorial regime, and the end to address the tax system and integration, and take appropriate decisions in the field of import most random .. The realization of the seriousness of the challenges faced by Iraq put the subject of the necessary structural reforms in various fields on the top priority, especially in the banking industry, and in negotiating the relationship with the creditors and work on the financial realities correct, and the search for other sources of diversity funding sources at home and abroad.