Economic parliamentary: Iraqi environment ripe for activating the private sector

Information / special / .. Economic Commission representative confirmed Tuesday that the Iraqi environment suitable to promote and activate the private sector, indicating that make it the country's needs to a number of business and concerted efforts and the elimination of administrative and financial corruption. A member of the Commission olive-Dulaimi told / information /, that "Iraq needs at this stage to activate the private sector, which was buried for many years," indicating that "the Iraqi environment ripe for activated but needs concerted governmental and parliamentary efforts and other sectors to make it work as well as make important steps represent a road map in front of the private sector and the most important of the elimination of financial and administrative corruption. " She noted that "activating the private sector needs to workshop legislature to remove the anti-work legislation in addition to the introduction of Laws that support the private sector and give it freedom and some financial exemptions and graphics," emphasizing "the need to remove administrative routine and legislative hamper the work of the private sector" . The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Thursday, reiterated the determination of his government on the development of the private sector and diversify the Iraqi economy sources, never promises breakthroughs economic crisis soon, while economists and politicians called on the government to diversify the sources of income, and interest in the private sector, especially industrial and agricultural.