Decentralization enter into force Thursday ... and the transfer of powers may take a full year

04/08/2015 20:55

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Will enter the transfer of the powers of the ministries of the federal government to the provincial councils into the implementation process with the emergence of the first hours of Thursday, but will be gradually extended within a time limit of six months to a year.

As local governments expressed their willingness to take over the powers, some parties fear of failure of some provinces to provide services to its citizens.

It seems that the cancellation of a number of ministries after the transfer of powers need to legislation in the House of Representatives, prompting some of them to the reservation to the application of provincial law.

This comes at a time when the Ministry of State talked that the next week will send the third amendment to the provincial law No. 21, and announced the formation of a government and parliamentary committees oversaw the transfer of the powers of eight ministries to local governments.

And the voice of the Council of Ministers, in Tuesday's session, the final version of the amendment governorates not organized in a region Law No. (21). According to a statement of the Council of Ministers, he "acknowledged the decision of the Supreme Coordination Commission at its meeting on August 1, the current and complete its work to form a committee finish its work within three months of the transfer of powers gradually from the entry into force of the law to be transferred some powers immediately and others within six months and others during the year and more determined powers which remain within the powers of the federal ministries. "

According to Hamid, Gazan, chairman of the province of Dhi Qar, "It was not local governments any prior agreement with the federal government and the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi about a third amendment to the draft provincial law No. 21," but he also said, "but the provinces surprised to raise this issue before Prime Minister at the meeting, which took place last Saturday. "

He adds Gazan "long", saying that "the most important points agreed to modify include the extension of the work of the Coordination Commission to six months to be able to transfer the powers of some of the functions gradually from ministries to local governments, which need to legislation in the House of Representatives regulates the application of the law."

Chairman of the Board of the province of Dhi Qar, and continued that "the obstacles faced by the transfer of powers is forming a body to deal with the financial assignments for each province and give the unit of account for each sub-districts to allow them to exchange process and the distribution of funds within the province," pointing out that "this paragraph needs to be adjusted and was included in the The third amendment to the law. "

And between Gazan that "there are five ministries including water resources, agriculture, housing and reconstruction has no units calculation sub-provincial departments, which requires the formation of a financial body in each province to be able to distribute the money and therefore this paragraph included in the amendments that will be sent to the House of Representatives."

It stresses Chairman province of Dhi Qar, that "the transfer of powers process will enter into force on the fifth of this August, according to the text of the Second Amendment to the law of provincial councils," asserting that "the upcoming amendments do not disrupt the implementation of Law No. (21) the transfer of the powers of 8 Ministries will be Later mission planning and consulting. "

Gazan explains that "among the paragraphs that were included in the third amendment nomination for the position of the conservative issue," noting that "the draft third amendment includes 9 materials will be sent by the government to the House of Representatives."

In turn confirms Ahmed al-Jubouri, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and the Parliament, that "the third amendment to the provincial law would not delay the transfer of powers in the process of the fifth of the month after the entry into force of the provincial law."

He said al-Jubouri, said in an interview with the "long", that "the federal government and the concerned ministries serious transfer of powers but there has custody of the ministries and transfer its powers fully, which have a negative impact on the transfer of powers during previous periods process."

For his part, says MP Ahmad al-Badri, a member of the Committee of the Regions and the provinces that "the decoding link ministries and the transfer of powers will be supervised by the competent committees involving parliamentary regions and other government jointly with the provincial councils."

He said al-Badri, told the "long", that "these committees working on thawing all intersections if they occur between the ministries and provinces," stressing that "everyone is committed to limits specified time to apply the law of the provinces during the month of August now."