Important decisions of the Council of Ministers at its thirty-one
08/04/2015 18:50

Cabinet held its regular 31 on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi.

The Council of Ministers alive big victories achieved by our armed forces in Anbar breakers operations, especially the gray area where goals achieved according to plan.

The Council of Ministers discussed the general situation taking place in the country. Mr. Prime Minister, said the response to the demands of duty and not a defect, and stressed the need to meet the legitimate demands advocated by the citizens. He noted that the problems of Iraq now is the result of accumulations in the political system and led to a real problem, as the financial crisis resulting from lower oil prices overshadowed and its impact on all aspects of life in Iraq.

Mr. Prime Minister, the face of all the ministers and ministries that the concrete results of the anti-corruption campaign, with a campaign to provide the broadest range of services to include even administrative measures to ease the burden on the citizen.

The Council has discussed the advancement of the electric power and the sustainability of its work, and the allocation of the necessary electricity to the Ministry of Finance to support the amounts of the electricity system and perform maintenance of power plants and distribution networks and transportation.

The Council decided to authorize the President of the Council of Ministers reduction protections officials, and to emphasize the commitment decision, Mr. Prime Minister universally role of housing officials machining programmed for electricity.

And the voice of the Council of Ministers on the final version of the amendment governorates not organized in a region Law No. (21) for the year 2008. The Cabinet also approved the decision of the Supreme Coordination Commission at its meeting on 1 current-up and complete its work to form a committee finish its work within three months of the transfer of powers gradually from the entry into force of the law to be transferred some powers immediately and others within six months and others through the years and more and define the powers that remain within the powers of the federal ministries.

The Council voted on the controls and table amounts rents Real Estate Green Zone and its surroundings.

The Council affirmed the previous decision of the Council of Ministers to speed up and overcome the red tape in the staff of self-financing companies pay the salaries.

The Council also face military industries to form a body in the Ministry of Industry and associated General Commander of the Armed Forces.

And the face of all ministries and agencies to resolve allocations ended authority to the open position Trade Bank of Iraq and authorizing the bank to return the remaining funds of funds to the Ministry of Finance and within one month.

He also drew up the operating budget allocations to health departments in Baghdad and the provinces in order to take care of the war-wounded and chronic diseases.