Wael Abdul Latif al-Maliki first seeks to block the government Abadi

Agency eighth day

August 4, 2015, 13:38

BAGHDAD - ((eighth day))

Minister of Provincial Affairs, former member of the former Iraqi parliament judge Wael Abdul Latif stressed that «at a time when should a successful leader that is not affected by what this is saying or that party or complain about this case or those where he can silence all the procedures successful sound and plans that must be be constitutional and legal basis, but primarily it must be emphasized here that Maliki perhaps the first to seek to disrupt al-Abadi reform efforts. »

Abdul-Latif said in a statement ((eighth day)) that «The question that arises here is whether all Abadi correct decisions even complain about the others? The answer is no, as the al-Abadi, for example, the oldest and order my book to organize salary of the President of the Republic while must be regulated by law not by order of the prime minister and that there were three laws of salaries starting from the President and his deputies to the Prime Minister and the House of Representatives and special grades eventually reversed by the Federal Court, but have not been dealing with it the right way. »

He added that «the presence of three vice-presidents of the Republic and the same to the Prime Minister but is a waste of public money because those allocated to them and not just an operating budget of their salaries or allowances but even if we stayed within the framework of salary, if the salary of the minister of 12 million Iraqi dinars, the allocations exceed fifty million». And confirmed the existence of «doors of the spending does not unthinkable a need to processors and not to the complaints because the administrator must take action while we are citizens who do not have a decision to have the right to complain.»