Basra Municipality shrinking the procedures for obtaining the construction license from 8 months to just one day
Tuesday 4 August 2015 - 16:12

Municipality embarked province of Basra Directorate of the application procedures to facilitate routine in front of the granting of building permits for citizens and reduced the work of government institutions in the presence of a delegation from the Ministries of Planning and municipalities.

The mayor of Basra Director Nusrat coffee in a statement to Radio Marbad that the Directorate is the first among the Iraqi provinces except for the Kurdistan region of circles, which began under the guidance of prime minister which requires simplifying routine procedures for citizens on the subject.

And between coffee that will require the issuance of citizens leave one day after it was extracted from it takes 6 to 8 months, noting that the province embarked on the application of this resolution at Yassin Khuraibet area first and then the experiment will be circulated to the rest of the residential areas.

For her part, the Director of Town Planning Division in the Ministry of Municipalities Nahla that the full success of the experiment depends on the municipal directorate, which relied on their own efforts and clear success recorded during the past few days management.

She added that if the success of the experiment in Basra, it will be circulated to all the provinces of central and southern Iraq will not only be limited to the special construction permits residential houses.

For its part, the role of the ministry was providing an electronic form for obtaining the construction license without the need for routine procedures that burden the citizens' representative said the safety of the Ministry of Planning Mahdi said.

Mahdi said that this form that will limit the phenomenon of corruption, bribery and provide high transparency to grant licenses and reduce the standard routine at government departments.

While differing views auditors to the Department of Municipal citizens about the accessibility of the construction holiday, where a number of them said that it is easy and affordable, while the other described Palmtabh and related costs prohibitive in.

He said citizens in their talk radio tow holiday that construction must Asthsal citizen approval of five circles of different regions approvals private, forcing him to pay taxi fares as well as complex archives, which requires the presence of those departments, including water, electricity and Land Registration Bureau.