Dentex: local governments completed all of its projects and the center did not complete one

Publishing Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2015 12:31:13 | Views: 28

The head of the Baghdad Provincial Council Riad dentex, Tuesday, that the local government has completed all of its projects, while the central government has not done one project during the two sessions, in what was considered that the elimination of financial corruption will provide 50% of the budget funds. He said dentex in an interview with the News Agency today that "the federal government its institutions for two did not complete one project, whether for health projects, municipalities or education, while local governments were able to complete all the investment projects," noting that "the Baghdad government has completed 120% for some of its projects." dentex He added that "the Ministry of Health has not been able to accomplish more than five percent for the construction of four hospitals in Baghdad and then was working with the dissolution of the executing companies, while the Baghdad government has achieved 34% completion rate to four hospitals in Baghdad are also less than a year." He dentex that "local governments should not count on the state budget after the fall in oil prices as there are alternatives, including payment on credit and the international fund and taxes that cover the expenses," adding that "the elimination of financial corruption will provide 50% of the money the budget and thus will be reflected on the improved services. " The Planning Minister Salman Jumaili, had confirmed on 22 July that the ministry and in the framework of the current trends of the government and in order to address the economic situation they strive to move the project financing in a manner payment on credit and put the required standards of controls that define the projects implemented in this way, particularly services and infrastructure projects. It is noteworthy that Iraq suffers from a major financial crisis during the current year 2015 to a deficit in its budget of 25 trillion dinars due to lower international oil prices, while most ministries announced stop new projects because of the lack of allocations for the investment budget, while the Ministry of Finance demanded all of the secretariat of Baghdad and electricity and other service ministries to activate the collection to finance its business.