Hamoudi confirms Iran to make Iraq a gate towards the Arab region

Twilight News / confirmed the board member of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Hamoudi, the need for cooperation and strengthening relations between Iraq and Iran in the overall issues of common concern, especially in the field of Awqaf and the importance of the convergence of the visions of the two countries, including Iraq, Iran makes the gate to open up to the Arab world.

He Hamoudi during his meeting with Minister of Awqaf and Iranian Ali Mohammadi and his private office and the delegation, in the presence of the President of the Shiite Endowment Alaa al-Moussawi, hoped to take advantage of the great expertise and capabilities of Iran in the field of endowments, praising the Iranian official and popular support for Iraq.

He said Iran's interest in the holy Palmracd and reconstruction will preserve its historical imprint, reviewing similarities in the work of the moratorium and devoted to the shrines in Iraq and the shrine of Imam Reza.

And the First Deputy Chairman of the Council invitation to meet with the Iranian Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Endowments parliamentary committee and take advantage of the experience of being composed of representatives of all shades of the Iraqi people.

For his part, Mohammadi, Iran's support for the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the mobility and developmental aspiration of the Ministry of Awqaf to develop the level of its cooperation with Iraq and study all proposals submitted to it, noting that his country championed Iraq strongly since the beginning of the war with Daash and will continue to support the various other levels so as to enhance the strength of the two countries.

Minister of Awqaf and Iran, adding that the Iranian Endowments supported the construction and expansion of the holy sites work in Iraq by more than 33 billion Toman, including "building dish Fatima Zahra in Najaf, and project major Zainab dish in Karbala, which is still under construction, and has contributed to re-restoration shrine brass, as well as many other holy shrines.