Parliamentary Finance: Iraq faces economic risks

Brother - Baghdad - He stressed the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider that Majaburh Commission to introduce strict procedures for all the budgets of state institutions in the 2016 budget.

Between Haider and that "Iraq faces economic risks will continue for 2016," pointing out that "the country do not have any financial income from agriculture, industry and the private sector and the overall dependence on crude oil revenues."

The parliamentary finance committee, said earlier, that the Finance Ministry will build on the 2016 budget of $ 60 as the price My guess to build the next budget, pointing out that the Commission addressed the financial caution the risk of lower crude oil prices in the coming months.
He added that "after Iran's agreement with five oil prices will see a continuous decline which will reflect negatively on the economic reality of Iraq," pointing out that "the government has no ability to pay any amount for projects only pay the salaries of state employees, as well as large sums of money that are spent on War with Daash ".

Parliamentary Finance Committee identified earlier, next October the month to send 2016 budget by the federal government.

He explained that "in the event of a discussion of the 2016 budget of the Ministry of Finance and the concerned authorities in the Council of Ministers to estimate the price My guess is estimated at $ 40 for a barrel of oil in the budget next year, it is possible to control the economic damage."

The parliamentary finance committee and revealed earlier, a tendency to reduce the ministries and bodies and government agencies spending to its lowest level in order to reduce the fiscal deficit in the federal budget size.