The government assured employees and retirees: Roatbekm are able to pay for "5" years to come

Special scales News - Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Tuesday, that the salaries of employees and retirees is immune from the crisis plaguing the country, "pointing to the ability to repay for 3 or 5 years to come.

Saleh said L / scales News / "Iraq is a rich country and its resources sufficient to cover employees and retirees' salaries and maintain vital projects such as electricity, water and sewage," acknowledging that "the federal budget for the current year allowed the government to temporary borrow internally and externally to meet the deficit in the absence addressed through revenue."

He assured the Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister "of employees and retirees the ability of the government to pay their salaries for 3 or 5 years to come," promising that "the financial budget of the country would be in a stable position until the end of this December."

The "parliamentary finance committee member said Masood Haider's / scales News /" The state is able to pay salaries of state employees during this year. "
This "passed the House of Representatives in December general budget law with a deficit estimated 25 billion dollars," while the government has recently resorted, to put up a bank bonds worth 2 billion dollars in favor of the Ministry of Finance to sell to the public, and move the money supply among citizens ".anthy 29 / d 25