Report: Jordanian passage of goods to Iraq via Kuwait positive

August 2015 14:23 04
Direct: The Kuwaiti government has agreed to allow Jordanian trucks to pass through its territory to the Iraqi market.

The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, stressed to the delegation of Jordanian, last week, his country's readiness to assist Jordan in everything you need, and that nothing prevents the answer Jordanian request for facilitating the transport of Jordanian goods to Iraq through Kuwaiti territory, and take action necessary to do so.

The President of the Jordanian Exporters Association, Omar Oboushah, according to the news agency Buratha Iraqi, the Jordanian trucks already begun to enter the Kuwaiti territory, and the transfer of goods loaded into Iraqi territory directly, without having to unload the cargo in the Kuwaiti trucks as it was before.

"The Oboushah" that Jordanian trucks that link to the port Safwan Iraqi south of the country through the Abdali border port, on the Kuwaiti side, the trucks unload their cargo Iraqi, in trade exchange between Iraq and Kuwait area, to be transported later to their destinations.

He pointed out "Oboushah," that Kuwaiti facilities, will reduce the export of Jordanian goods to Iraq costs, through the Kuwaiti territories, including at least a thousand dollars per truck, as well as shorten the time that it takes after these facilities from 7 to 10 days.

Jordan and headed for export to Iraq, through Saudi territory, and Kuwait, after repeated closures of the borders with Iraq, which closed its borders Nhanaa with the Jordanian side, since 16 this month, for security reasons.

And it announced that the Jordanian Ministry of Commerce, earlier, that trade exchange between Iraq and Jordan size exceeded the $ 1.1 billion.