Mohammed Bream: Where did you get this?

08/04/2015 13:02

One of the examples adduced by the message, how the carp were allowed to channel the most prominent achievements of the ministry in charge of hosting flashed her image, at the height of the suffering of the people of the absence of "national power".

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: What The "obelisk" called on those concerned to expose the corrupt files, especially those who "worked" with the Iraqi Media Network director, Mohammed Abdul-Jabbar carp, or who have followed his performance in office, and they have evidence, even poured into the "obelisk" Dozens of stories and anecdotes, which condemns the manifestations of corruption under management carp described by many as "failed", in which they grew corruption and theft, to record levels.

Has called on the message, by the supervisor for the Iraqi media, Haider Hassan, to "pay attention" to cover the carp during the last period, required the services sector, led by electricity, and how "the Iraqi channel" sought to non-interference than the suffering of Iraqi citizens and the delivery of voice, and instead of therefore, it focused its attention on the ministers and officials, some of whom he doubts hovering corruption.

One example marketed by the message, how the carp were allowed to host the official channel, the most prominent achievements of the ministry flashed her image, at the height of the suffering of the people of the absence of "national power".

And it accuses the message, carp that he sought during the past period to polish the image of the ministries, and to cover up its mistakes, to personal interests related to his support to remain as director of the network, not to mention the physical benefits that accrue from behind it, to some extent stated in the letter.

While not possible for "obelisk" confirm the contents of the message, but it published what it came keen on freedom of expression and the delivery of citizen's voice, so that the concerned authorities to verify the provisions of the accusations.

The message said that "beneficiary group" that operate under the command of carp, carp receive bribes with the knowledge of himself, and the most prominent "help" carp, and Her "special relationship" with him, where reservations "obelisk" to publish her name.

The letter noted the other hand to a blog in "Us" by peace-Zubaidi interactive, in which he referred to a lot of aliens who are appointed by the carp in the media network to reach the numbers of staff in which to about 4,000 employees, a staggering figure compared to the modest channel "Iraqi performance".

The letter added that the Center Brief for the network media includes 40 employees, working in the Website does not need this huge number of reporters, calling on officials to resolve this center, which invested carp to consolidate its relations with the various ministries, and the more cemented his relationship with the Minister for personal interests sent him some working in the center for an interview "polishing" with him, to turn to the front of the center "propaganda" of the Carp and officials alike.

It noted the letter to the millions of dollars spent on financing dramas, and advertisements for such series and that made carp whales "Mlaonneraa" huge.

The message says, "to stand up a little on what was produced by the network of dramas over the past years, and whether the level allowed in Carp regardless of millions of dollars perhaps."

The accountability carp "Where did you get this" is absolutely imperative before escape from a cage corruption that put himself in it, especially as he was considering to leave Iraq, immediately after his term has created for himself everything that could make him "happy" and "Mterva" and " bloated "in expatriate who created the preparations to return to him.

It should be noted that didn "obelisk" will not stop at the Carp, the petitioner Salah himself the corruption of others, and who acted - for Osv- as a thief who entered the house, and as one who in some respects, to steal what he has the means, will all of exposing his ilk, Whatever their sizes and responsibilities.