Central Bank: the average daily dollar sales for this "the year amounted to $ 110 million."

August 4, 2015 11:03

(Independent) .. the central bank announced Tuesday that the average daily dollar sales for the year totaled $ 110 million, stressing that its reserves of foreign currency cover for more than one and half times the size of the Iraqi currency, while noting that some of the statements inaccurate detrimental to the Iraqi economy.

The bank said in a statement received (independent) a copy of the "average daily dollar sales for the year amounted to $ 110 million," adding that "this rate is less than 22% from last year."

The bank said that "the bank reserves of foreign her strength and flexibility, which covers more than one and half times the size of the Iraqi currency in circulation, which had a significant impact on the stability of the exchange dinar currency," denying "all press releases and information that indicated Khalalv it."

He said the bank "Some address the statement and analysis without reference to the detriment of accurate data bank of Iraq and the economy both domestically and internationally and information."

The Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords announced in the third from last March that "the new regulations set by the Bank is that the auction is no longer a daily window of operations for the sale of currency auctions," adding that "new mechanisms developed to sell this currency, especially that of its functions to provide currency Foreign Trade. "(end)