Livestock need the solidarity of the government and the private sector

8/4/2015 0:00

Activating the production provides more than one billion and $ 200 thousand for the budget

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb

employment Akiem imports in the activation of the agricultural industry to achieve great economic feasibility of the country, where keeps the turnover inside Iraq and provides many job opportunities for a wide cross-section of young people in the agricultural sector and sectors chock, especially with the availability of the elements of the development of these products locally.

This was confirmed by the economic member of the Baghdad forum Jaafar Yassin in an interview for the "morning" stressing the importance of capital preservation cycle inside Iraq through the activation of the production process in the agricultural and industrial sectors, particularly in the animal production, which testifies ever-rising demand for its products which are imported from other markets.

He said in an interview (morning) that work on the development of production has to start from the sectors that have the ingredients for the Advancement of Bmphasalha and check the economic feasibility of the country, also contribute to the treatment of a number of problems experienced by the country in the forefront of the lack of job opportunities, as the expansion in production to address this problem in the availability of opportunities in new plants and in the products markets and the transport of goods and other areas.

He noted that the country has 96 plants Dairy Products parked mostly for work and can be activated and bring it back to the actual production stage , pointing to the importance that the private and government sector an interactive role in this activity where the need for the government's efforts through legislation supporting the national product and provide a suitable environment to activate the output, while the private sector is located has a responsibility to the advancement of the process production quality and quantity.

Yassin pointed out that the year 2012 saw the import dairy products from the markets of neighboring countries exceeded the total amounts (one billion and 200 million dollars), stressing the possibility of employing this amount in the national industry and produce the best dairy products locally, especially that Iraq has a lot of experience in this field.

He pointed out that investment in livestock is very important, stressing the importance of the start where the developed world ended up in this important economic side so that we can do production and use the best technologies used globally, regionally and proved successful, pointing out that Iraq moved away from the development of the joints of livestock for several decades and has resulted in a decline in production quantities in Detailed livestock outline.

He said that the simplification of government measures have a significant role in the process of attracting investment in this vital detailed, especially that Iraq needs the efforts of advanced international companies in this field and that can invest large areas in the desert.

He called Yassin the need to be chosen competent competencies in productivity projects and institutions related to the management of this vital detailed so as to achieve the goals high smoothly in achievement, noting that the experience can work properly manage and contain the challenges that accompany the production process.

The limp Yassin on the experiences of some countries in the world that have worked on the development of the joints of the livestock as gets in Russia, pointing to the importance stand at the South African experience, which developed agricultural industry and has achieved self-sufficiency and went to world markets.

The Yassin has called on the government to work to change this situation through the agricultural initiative and the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Bank to re-work as in the past, pointing out the need to import new breeds of cows milk through the granting of import licenses by the Ministry of Agriculture and take advantage of the efficiencies that were already working in this area and raise the amount of loan buy a single cow from four million to six million, and the granting of 100 percent of the cost buy cows and the establishment of barns .

He said that what was produced during the last century in Iraq from this large material was milk production up to 700-800 tons / day delivers to the dairy plants and are now receiving 7 tons / day only and there were susceptibility to cover Iraq's need of milk, products and prices It is supported as well as the export of milk and milk products to neighboring countries and is now available in the local markets of milk and dairy products importer and inexpensive prices on the ordinary citizen.