28 billion dinars for the advancement of the reality service in Dhi Qar

8/4/2015 0:00

Walcott Hassan Shahid al-Azzawi
Nasiriyah Hazem Mohammed Habib

Dhi Qar province has allocated 28 billion dinars to address the financial problems of the government departments to promote the reality the service, while the local administration has pledged in Wasit, regardless of regional development staff salaries after the arrival of the financial allocations for the province.
The governor of Dhi Qar Yahia Nasseri told the "morning": that the provincial council and the province decided after discussing the provision of services to citizens, the allocation of $ 28 billion dinars from the budget of the petro-dollar total of $ 57 billion dinars to develop the work of conservative circles and address the problems of financial problems.
He explained that the amounts are divided by four billion dinars for health and five billion dinars for the streams and seven billion dinars for electricity and three billion dinars for cleaning services, as well as the allocation of one billion dinars to support the safe.
He noted that the provincial council authorized the conservative exchange the remaining funds on ongoing projects, stressing that the province is still suffering from the reluctance of more than 300 projects for the ministries.
He also predicted that contribute to the completion of the transfer of powers in securing basic services to citizens and to address outstanding issues with Wazzarat.mn his part, denied the governor of Wasit owner Saidi "morning" news reported by unofficial stating the existence of efforts to end the regional development staff services because of lack of financial allocations, noting that the province is obliged to provide financial allocation to all that the province Mozvin.waodh deficit in the provision of these employees' salaries, who was appointed in 1800 of them in 2014, as well as four thousand employees of certain others during previous years, pointing to the near transforming their salaries to Alaptrodolar.obin Saidi budget The mechanism for the payment of salaries of these staff they include the deduction of 2 percent of the cost of projects within the allocated budget for regional development, including the distribution of monthly salaries, regardless vowing to prepare the salaries of employees who have not Atzlmoha since more than six months after the arrival of the financial allocations.
He said most of the departments in the governorate managed by the regional development staff, he said, adding that the local government in Wasit, both executive and legislative decided not to end the contracted services within regions taking into account their living conditions development projects.
He pointed out that the province took the written undertakings legally certified regional development staff includes not demand any financial benefits until the availability of appropriations, pointing to the decision to regulate contracts in the 2016 budget year to ensure their rights.
Saidi called conservative circles to install regional development on the permanent staffing contracts in the event of termination of the appointment of ministerial contracts as a result of the owners of the angel movement in degrees deletion and development.