Romello DC News Update August 3, 2015 Per Grannieannie
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Thread: Romello DC News Update August 3, 2015 Per Grannieannie

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    Romello DC News Update August 3, 2015 Per Grannieannie

    Chat with Romello today:

    This morning got call from FBI Agent Donald Vanhoose

    He was returning my call about Dinar Corp

    Upon the status he inform me thar it is a money servicing business problem

    He was want to know also about the reserves aspect of DC

    And if I have ever lost any money on the reserves

    I explained no.

    Investagative agent asigned to case but thru another agency

    He did not specify but did say it was like Dept of Treasury, Irs, or Fincen

    If DC win case they can continue business as usual

    If Gov win we will have to go to and enter our info to recieve money bay thru Gov

    The problem was not the reserves

    Licensing issue

    Recieving money from people in state in which they were not licenced for.

    wmawhite says to Romello:
    Like Illinois

    He did mention Ill.


    Curious that he said it wasn't about reserves - yet he asked about reserves. Hmmmm...

    He wanted to know what would happened id a payment was missed

    I informed him that I had alway recieved the amount of my initial down payment in dinars if I missed next payment date.

    He was not specifying which states all together but was giving me an example

    ty - did he have any idea how long the investigation may take"

    Romello says to sunnyca:
    yes. He said that DC with present its evidence and Gov as well. Could be thrown out that day of the 10th or will be at least 2 months if trail

    TNvolunteer says to Romello: I assume "losing money on reserves" means what happens in a "naked reserve" situation... i.e. you pay $55 per million reserved but if it exp[ires you only get s 5K note, worth around $4.80 pre-RV...

    TNvolunteer says to Romello: and is that Aug. 10?Romello says to TNvolunteer: That did not seem to be the issue with reserves with FBI or their agencies it was license issue and aslo not update their license that had expired in 2012

    Romello says to TNvolunteer: yes Aug 10. Seems fast...

    sunnyca says to Romello: Any idea what would happen with reserves if we have an RV before investigation or trial is completed?

    Romello says to sunnyca: I asked that very question and he said that if FBI wins case we will get our money back not dinar because he says they are not in the dinar business.

    Romello says to sunnyca: Also

    Romello says to sunnyca: If DC win they are free to complete their transactions as they see fit

    Romello says to sunnyca: According to our contract with DC

    He did state that the main thing was licensing and following the guidelines and procedures of operating a bussiness.

    And keeping everything up to date and not expiring
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