Parliamentary Finance: wasted billions of dollars on an actual projects for electricity


BAGHDAD / JD / .. tipped the parliamentary finance committee, to solve the problem of electricity during the next twenty years, while ending the energy crisis ruled out in a short period due to the spread of financial and administrative corruption in the Ministry of Electricity.

The committee member said Masood Haider told / JD /: "It can not be end the power crisis suffered by the country during the short period of time, because of financial and administrative corruption in the Ministry of Electricity and which led to the waste of billions of dollars over the past years without the presence of actual projects on the ground. "

He added that "the solution to the electricity problem once and for all needs tens years or maybe twenty years, through the development of long-range strategic eliminate corruption first plan and then begin the implementation of energy projects. "
suffer Aash Baghdad and a number of provincial electrical energy crisis despite the availability of huge amounts of money to the Ministry of Electricity in the federal budget.

The Baghdad and several provinces witnessed large demonstrations since last Friday to demand better services and the advancement of the electricity. / end / 8 /