Expectations of an economic downturn because of taxes and customs tariff application


BAGHDAD / JD / .. Iraqis economists predicted Association, an economic contraction in the country because of taxes applied to the telecommunications companies and some of the services and the imposition of customs tariff and duties on imported goods, noting that the time is not appropriate for the application of these decisions.

The vice president of the association on behalf of Jamil told / JD /: "The application of taxes on telecommunications companies and some public services and the imposition of customs duties and tariffs on imported goods will make the citizens' purchasing power and thus weaken the economic contraction will happen in the country."

"The current time is not appropriate for the application of this decision given the circumstances of the country's current, especially since the country is witnessing violent protests because of the deterioration of the reality of electricity and public services", adding that "these decisions need to launch awareness programs for citizens before they are applied, in order to realize the citizen well as the benefit of those decisions. "

The government decided to apply the customs tariff and taxation of telecommunications companies start from August 1, 2015, which led to an increase Kartat mobilize the mobile phone prices. / End / 8 /