[Where] published law [embedding], passed by Parliament today and spend public money to maintain

History of edits:: 03/08/2015 twenty-one past five p.m.

publishes agency all of Iraq [where] the text of the bill [embedding], passed by the House of Representatives in its day and spend the preservation of public money and not thrown away or neglect.
It said: name of the people, and the Presidency:

Based on what passed the House of Representatives and endorsed by the President of the Republic and based on the provisions of subsection [first] of article [61] and item [III] of Article [73] of the Constitution, the following law was issued:
No. [] to 2015
modulated Law

Article 1
guarantees the employee or designate a public service value the damage incurred by the public treasury because of negligence, default or breach of laws and decrees, regulations and instructions.

Article-2 spas
is a competent minister or head of the third party linked to the Ministry or the province or authorized any of them of an investigative committee of a president and two members of the experienced and competent to be One of them hold a university degree previews of the least-in-law.
Second Committee Mayati: take
a- investigation in writing with covered by the provisions of this law and the codification of his words and the words of witnesses and have access to all documents and data, which sees the need to be found and edit the minutes to prove it what action taken and I heard from the sayings with recommendations include causing either the employee or not included.
(b) responsible for the events of the damage and the magnitude of the act and determining the amount of modulation selected.
issued the competent minister or the head of the front is related to the Ministry or purses his decision based on the recommendations of the investigative committee formed under the item [ First] of this Article.
is the Prime Minister of the competent minister with respect to ministers and heads of departments not related to the Ministry.

to determine the amount of modulated according to prices prevailing at the Prime Minister or the authentication is associated with the Ministry or purses on the decisions of the investigative committee formed Under the item [first] of Article [2] of the Act and to complete the investigation and ratify within a period not exceeding [90] days from the date of damage.

Article 4
reimburse the amount of modulated at once and concerned minister or head of the non-related to the Ministry or Governor to approve the Tksath for a period not exceeding five years to meet personal ensure a guarantor or real estate and are placed Acharah booking by virtue of the mortgage on the property at the Land Registry Directorate competent according to the law in the case of ensuring real estate.

Article -5-
apply the provisions of Article 4 of the Act :
First: modulated amounts unpaid installments that are or have been installments have not been fulfilled on the date of entry into force.
Second amounts that have been modulated installments before the effective date of the installment would be re what is left of it owed ​​by embedding.

Article 6. Product-
First: the built-in appeal decision modulated with the Administrative Court.
is required to challenge the decision of the grievance modulated than among the party that issued through [30] thirty days from the date of its Althblg.
on Aorias the minister is related to the Ministry or the governor to decide on the appeal within [30] thirty days from the the date of application and when you do not decide on the appeal or reject despite the end of this period, the piece is a rejection of the grievance .raava- be the filing of the appeal before the Administrative Court through [30] thirty days from the date of notification to reject the grievance fact or judgment.

Article 7.-
going provisions of the Code government debt number collection [56] for the year 1977 is included in the case Amtnaahan performance of the amount of modulated or not paid any installment of premiums resulting from his trust through [30] thirty days from the date of maturity and longer installment canceled and worthy of the remaining installments his trust in one go.

does not prevent the end of the service or the employee in charge of the task of a public service or transferred for any reason it was included in accordance with the provisions of this law.

does not prevent the employee or included on a charge of public service in accordance with the provisions of this law, the competent minister or head of the non-related to the Ministry or the governor from taking legal action against the offending for damage to public property and referred to the criminal courts if it did constitute a crime punishable by law.

Article -10-
This law applies to embedding issues that have not issued a decision in that modulated before its effective date.

Article 11.-
modulated law repealed No. [12] for the year 2006 and the remaining instructions issued pursuant thereto window does not conflict with the provisions of this law until the issuance of Maihl replaced or repealed.

The Minister of Finance instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law.

of this law shall be the date of publication in Official Gazette.

In order to keep public money and reconsider the provisions relating to the incorporation of negligence or negligence caused the damage and how to Aaadath.anthy