US newspaper confirms the loss of international companies operating in Iraq for billions of dollars because of Daash

Translation tomorrow Press / Baghdad: prepared newspaper "Daily Beast" the US report on the major international companies losing contracts in Iraq after militants dominance of the terrorist organization Daash cities of northern Iraq, forcing the case to pull out of the country, indicating that these companies have lost billions of dollars because of the regulation.

The paper says in its report, is organizing Daash in the Middle East, growth, and one of the reasons for the recovery of US companies, the war against al-Daash is not required level US, despite the US spending millions of dollars by directing them blows to the organization sites and send an advisory forces for the development of the Iraqi military capabilities .

In the United States, specifically in New York state, is a global company owned by a very rich family, is one of the most prominent actors in Iraq companies, got a mandate for action by the US embassy in the country, Mqolha Lockheed Martin received during the invasion of Daash Iraq, thousands of requests for the production of Alhelvair and supplying missiles the country by about 160 US-made Humvee vehicle as well as ammunition sold by the company to the Iraqi side millions of dollars.

"SOS", a giant US company in control of all business in Iraq, its board of directors consists of the former Deputy Minister of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, who seen as one of the architects of the invasion of Iraq, and his assistant, Paul Butler, and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Giant operating in Iraq can be identified by its website, it was awarded contracts for work in Iraq in 2015 worth $ 400 million, including $ 40 million to equip existing in Iraq by US forces meals and providing medical services in Basmajh area, where there American advisers there.

The US military also give the company, a separate contract from the previous month at the end of last June, to provide similar services at Camp Taji, and expects the Pentagon to continue the contract to the end of June of 2018.

A year after the start of the US strikes on jihadists extremist organization sites, has spread in Iraq, about 3,500 US troops to train Iraqi forces and to advise them, according to the US military, it contracted with the company to provide logistical support for US operations, including the provision of hygiene and drivers, translators, security officers Services to provide protection for advisers Americans.

These processes and figures began pales in comparison to the previous work, At the height of preoccupation Iraq in its war against terrorism and combating today to organize "Daash", appeared chance of having American civilian contractors, especially those providing logistics for the US military slim.

Says Laura Dickinson, a professor of law at George Washington University that "the presence of US troops in Iraq maintains the work of American civilian contractors in the country and increases of America contracted with them to provide logistics services."

In the latest quarterly report issued by the US Central Command, which oversees military operations in the Middle East, the civilian contractors working in Afghanistan and Arab states were the month of April, about 30 000, because of the presence of US troops now there, but these figures were taken in the fall, for the For example, in April of 2014, there were more than 60 000 contractor working ... in Afghanistan.

The company despite a decline in its influence in Iraq, but the Iraqi government has helped with weapons through its contract with the government, as the company made a handful of senior advisers level of the work of the Iraqi Defense Ministry and the Kurdistan Regional Government, and in late June last, the company won a contract worth 700 000 dollars to provide security consulting for one year, and it extends the contract for four additional years for a total of $ 37 million.

Boils down to the company's work with the Ministry of Defense for one year, it is to prepare military officials and assess the status of staff and restructuring Albrmejih systems, the company will provide one adviser to the Kurdish government and five of the central government, according to Frank Helmick, a retired lieutenant who served in Iraq for three rounds between 2003 and 2011, and currently serves as Deputy Chief of Mission "solve problems" in the company "SOS".

He admitted Helmick, that contractors are playing a key role in Iraq, as evidenced when the United States decided to send an advisory troops to Iraq, it is natural that contracts with companies that provide logistics services to those Advisory forces, because these forces need to prepare food, wash their clothes and provide protection for them.

Company "SOS", is not the only company working in Iraq, particularly with the Ministry of Defence, as the share company "ABM", based in New York, too, is working to provide security and advisory assistance and has worked closely with the Iraqi anti-terrorism officials.

The problem today, involves the inability of the United States in the fight against militants, "Daash" from the logistical side, the United States could no longer contract with companies to equip their teams with food advisory and other services, and this means it is no longer able to go to war again.

Sean McKevitt, National Defense University professor and author of "Modern mercenaries," he says, "The role of contractors on the battlefield controversial, due to waste, fraud and abuse, which has become Msthari in Iraq in particular."

According to a specialized committee to follow up and monitor the performance of the US military in Iraq formed by the US Congress in 2008, the United States has lost in Iraq and Afghanistan together, about 31 to 60 billion dollars to remove the waste and contracting with companies that provide logistical support for the Army.