Abadi: Daash lost its ability to recruit fighters


Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the influence of Daash decline in the recent period after the support it has in many areas of the country, pointing out that the Iraqi forces are progressing and enjoying the upper cuff in their battles with the organization.

He attributed Abadi in a speech during the opening of the conference co-existence among young people in Baghdad Monday, the decline of the influence of the organization to its inability to recruit fighters and believe Boediologith in Iraq, describing this development as a major progress in his government's efforts to keep citizens from engaging in the ranks of Daash.

In a related context, Abadi stressed that the volunteers in the popular crowd forces fighting under the shadow of the state, saying that the security system is one and indivisible.

The prime minister refused to join the popular crowd to any system does not follow the official Iraqi security and military system.