Deputy for Diyala: the government has not acted Awakening salaries for four four months
Wrote: August 3, 2015

Diamond News / Baghdad:

MP announced by the Union of national forces Nahida Daini, Monday, for the failure of the government regardless of the Awakening salaries for four months.

And Daini said in a press conference held by the House of Representatives attended the "diamond News" that "everyone knows that the Awakening are expelled al-Qaeda in 2008," adding that "these forces faced risks by the previous central government and the terrorist organizations and have become 'Awakening between a rock and a hard place." , indicating that "the leadership had been arrested and some of them died inside the prison and some of them detained until now."

She said "a large section was extinguished of salaries through the coming of lists a large number of them lack, and without knowing the reasons," adding "the presence of a small number of awakenings, including in Diyala, but four months ago has not been paid we do not know the reasons for non-payment," indicating that "Value salary element awakening less than other elements of military formations."

She stressed that the "Awakening wronged by the previous central governments by not including them in the Defense Ministry or the Interior, making it cites them are not calculating a pension for his family and their wounds are not treated," indicating that "the forces currently hold the land, including the mission in Diyala and not to give salaries to them, it means leaving their jobs and this is a danger to the areas Imeskuha ", loaded with" the responsibility of the government and non-payment of salary to them. "