Badr parliamentary calls for parliament to form a committee to work with the Integrity Committee to follow up the files of corruption

Publishing Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2015 12:11:45 | Views: 14
Bader called Bloc, Monday, Presidency of the Council of Representatives to the formation of a parliamentary committee is working with the Parliamentary Integrity Committee to follow up the files of corruption, while demanding that the authorities concerned have a clear stance coupled with serious steps to fight corruption front.

The MP said the Badr Razak al-Haidari told a joint news conference with deputies bloc House and attended, agency news today, said that "widespread corruption in state institutions is the head of all the scourge and no way to treat the root, but a review of the seriousness of a comprehensive and real without procrastination or delay or exception", and called for "the opening of all corruption files without reduction or camouflage or red lines."

He called al-Haidari, the House of Representatives and the executive authorities concerned and blocs and parties to "have a clear stance coupled with serious steps to fight corruption Broad Front, which take from these addresses are often a cover for corruption and Sergadtha".

He stressed Haidari on the need "to form the Presidency of the Council of Representatives of the parliamentary committee especially working with the Integrity Commission continuously holds the exclusive follow-up files that should be referred to the judiciary without procrastination or delay," pointing out that "the Commission shall present periodic reports directly to the people to stand on It tracks the process of fighting corruption. "

He said the Council of Ministers, in (January 18, 2015), the existence of corruption in government agencies, as attributed to the weakness of internal control, called for a government program for five years to activate the control.

The financial and administrative corruption is spreading in Iraq dramatically, as Transparency International put it in the advanced stages of the list of most corrupt countries in the world, but that the Iraqi government is often critical of the organization reports on corruption and considers inaccurate and based on the information reached by by local companies Foreign and failed to implement service projects in Iraq.