Deputy Kurdistan: on the federal government to pay dues to maintain petrodollars
Wrote: August 3, 2015 I

Diamond News / Baghdad:

MP from the Kurdistan Alliance warned about Princess Zangana Kirkuk province, the federal government continue not to launch a conservative allocations of petrodollars.

She said Zangana at a press conference held by the House of Representatives attended the "diamond News" that "there is a great suffering for the people of Kirkuk province, one of the richest provinces oil under high temperature and the lack of electrical power supply," adding that "the lack of power supply affected the livelihood of citizens with limited income , because they do not have the ability to pay wages generators expensive, "asking" power to keep up. "

"The Matkdmh province of Kirkuk to the state budget from oil riches enjoyed by the Iraqi people, but they bear additional burdens under the hosting of the half a million displaced people and Maysthkouh of electrical energy outweigh the need to maintain and Ma_khass her", calling on the federal government to "launch a share Kirkuk province of petrodollars as soon as for the resumption of service and the necessary projects to citizens and provide employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of unemployed graduates. "

And he warned the MP for the province of Kirkuk that "parents and county residents will have another position if they are not responding to their demands or disregard for their suffering."