Mutlaq supports the transfer of powers to the provinces conditions

Author: HA, MK
Editor: HA

03.08.2015 14:39

Long-Presse / Baghdad
The Deputy President of the Republic Saleh al-Mutlaq, on Monday, expressed support for giving wide powers to the provinces, as he emphasized that the lack of readiness receipt of such powers "will reflect negatively" on the citizen.

Mutlaq said in an interview with a number of media, including (range Press) parliament building in the Green Zone in central Baghdad, "I'm giving powers to the provinces but in his time when they are ready to receive powers."

He stressed al-Mutlaq support "decentralized management", but he also said, "However, when the provinces are concerned is given the powers as well as they do not possess the competencies it will reflect on the people of the province itself."

Committee held territories in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Sunday, (August 2, 2015), the provincial Law (21) the rate that has been modified in (05/08/2013) and discuss the possibility of the transfer of eight ministries of service including health and municipalities, agriculture and education authority, the presence of most conservatives and the heads of provincial councils and representatives of the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Minister of Health, municipalities and Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, announced on Wednesday, (July 28, 2015), for the Council stuck to transfer powers from the relevant ministries of the provincial councils, indicating that the face of the Council and Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and the House of Representatives to take what requires to implement the resolution.

It is said that the majority of local governments, has repeatedly stressed during the last term, its adherence to decentralization and the transfer of the powers of a number of federal ministries in her schedule next August, and threatened to resort to federal court to sue lagging ministries transfer of powers.

The coordination meeting of the provinces of non-performing province was held on Saturday (the first of August 2015), at the conference room in the Council of Ministers headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the presence of eight ministers as well as governors and heads of provincial councils in 15 governorates irregular province.

The article (45) of the second amendment to the law of governorates not organized in the territory of Law No. (21) of 2008 voted by the Parliament in its meeting held in the (23 June 2013), states that "A commission named (the Supreme Commission for Coordination between the provinces) headed by the Prime Minister, and the membership of Ministers (Municipalities and Public Works, and Construction and Housing, labor and social affairs, education, health, planning, agriculture, finance, sports and youth) and Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, governors and heads of provincial councils take "transfer sub-circuits and devices and functions and services and competencies exercised by those ministries with allocated public budget and staff and personnel allocations, to the provinces within the scope of its functions set out in the Constitution and relevant laws gradually and within a time limit not exceeding two years and remains the role of ministries in the planning of public policy.