Abdul-Mahdi calls for the protection of demonstrations and prepared a healthy phenomenon contributes corrected tracks

02/08/2015 11:57 p.m.

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} called on the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq's oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Sunday to protect the demonstrations returned it with a healthy phenomenon contribute to the correction of the tracks and put things in real Nsabadtha.

Said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, "We spent our lives and we dream that pretend without being exposed to the arrest or even murder, and we dreamed that we express our opinion whether we agreed with the government or Ardhanaha, so we consider pretending one of the means of expression constitutionally, and we call that the security forces to protect the protesters, as far as the demonstrators themselves by maintaining the peaceful nature of the demonstrations, and that the security forces to prevent any overrun on the property and the public interest or private. Therefore, the first proposals is to turn labels such as anti-riot troops to protect the special rights forces and the public. "

He continued, "some Almtshehadan would use water Aker demonstrations for this purpose or that, as exploits some Almtshehadan public freedoms and freedom of the press and the media. But all this must not distort the authorities for its mission the foundation of protecting demonstrators full opportunity and provide to express their opinion, prevented it is conspiracy major who builds the atmosphere of rebellion and conspiracy. and it must listen to the complaints of people and their demands .. van were wrong must be the explanation, and that the official was mistaken or remiss Voajph correction .. for this we stood with the right to demonstrate when we were out of power, and we stand today with it and we are in the responsibility and power.

We have a principle, we not accept it when it is us and reject it when it is on us. " and he finished by saying, "Let's assume controversy that some national political forces want to put pressure on the government and the way the demonstrations are used to it. We say that this really her as long as they are based on legal and peaceful practices, and as long as the whole thing will depend on the reactions of the President and the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives, in many countries make up the demonstrations and the way to change in accordance with the constitutional contexts, and see that this is the essence of democracy is not an argument we have stand in front of it. Despite that our democracy is still fragile, but we do not believe that the way to institutionalize Tsalibha and that did not practice it. This is the only way to build .. Nothing will descend ready present without Tdafat and harbingers of the mistakes and lessons learned. "

He concluded, "The other positive thing is that the character of the current protests is the service and reformist claims. This also is positive as it reflects the movement of awareness of the fundamental rights of the citizens that must be cherished and defended. The experiment will reveal that the reforms are not related to the work of all those responsible, but also the awareness of people and protesters, and hold them of their responsibilities as far as the other responsibilities load. If the attraction of these two factors, the demonstrations will be a healthy phenomenon really contribute much to straighten tracks and put things in real Nsabadtha ".anthy