Virtue receives delegation Supreme Council and discuss the unification of the National Alliance

Monday 3 أغسطس 2015 | 12:25 صباحا

BAGHDAD / .. received Assistant Secretary General of the Islamic Virtue Party beauty Muhammadawi, on Sunday evening, a delegation of the Supreme Islamic Council, the two sides discussed ways and means to unify the National Alliance attitudes towards public challenges and national benefits.

A statement of the Virtue Party received "eye Iraq News" that the two sides " stressed the importance of organizing the National Alliance, through the adoption of a clear and detailed internal system determines the duties, responsibilities and obligations. "

"I met convinced the parties to tipping mechanism consensus to resolve the presidency of the National Alliance."

The statement continued, "deputy secretary general of the Islamic Virtue Party, Dr. Abdul-Hussein meeting was attended by Musawi and a member of the House of Representatives on the mass of Virtue Aqil al-Zubaidi, a professor and director of the General Secretariat of the engineer Majid Abdul Redha. ended