Saleem al-Jubouri: next Wednesday will witness a qualitative change in Iraq

By Roudao

3 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

The President of the House of Representatives Alajabua sound, that next Wednesday's 5 \ 8 \ 2015 will witness a qualitative change on the administrative and political system in Iraq level.

Jubouri said during a speech at a conference activate the second amendment to the law of the provinces "We inaugurate together a critical stage of decentralization and put in the way of practical application hard to transfer paragraphs, concepts and ramifications law 21 for the year 2008 for the expansion of provincial powers and which stipulates that the provincial council is the highest authority legislation and control within the administrative borders of the province. "

He Jubouri that "Day 5/8 longer transmission, the quality of the form and content of the administrative and political system in Iraq impact of this authorizations to the provinces package will take certainly compete positive effective which will result in the outcome on the development of the means of development positive political dimension gives councils adequate space for the tender, creativity and initiative, but will be reflected not inevitably on the final outputs of the achievement and we are confident of that. "

He said al-Jubouri that "the government's efforts during the last period to complete the preparations for this bold practice confirms its commitment to the central leave and confidence democratization which gained Iraq after a long era of central narrow that were controlled remotely with all sub-detail, and this feeling and Alajraiehsp to the government and we call on them to complete this application Jump which will include eight key ministries, hoping that goes not for the transfer of powers and that are in accordance with a clear timetable and a specific and fast. "