Proposal for feminine ministries when applying the law of the provinces to reduce the waste of public money


BAGHDAD / JD / .. proposed by the parliamentary legal committee, reducing the number of ministries in the application of provincial law to reduce the waste of public money and corruption in government departments.

A member of the Committee MP Salim Shawki told / JD /: "The committee submitted a proposal to the government spends Petrhik the number of ministries from By integrating two ministries or more at the Ministry of one such as mainstreaming and the ministries of oil and electricity ministry and one under the name of the Ministry of Energy and the Ministries of Agriculture, Trade and Industry Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Municipalities with housing, as well as the cancellation of some additional ministries such as the Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs and the Ministry of Women. "

He added that "this proposal, the government can apply When applying the provincial Law No. 21, which includes the transfer of the powers of the ministries to local governments in the provinces, on the grounds that the law makes the sovereign ministries and the implementation of the projects the process will be through the provinces. "

He noted that "reducing the number of ministries will save big money to the state and will reduce the waste of money year as well that he will contribute to the elimination of financial and administrative corruption in a number of government departments, "noting that" this proposal is facing the complexities of the fact that the ministries subject to political consensus at the formation of the federal government "./ ended / 8 /