Parliamentary Integrity: electricity will remain as it is
Sunday, 02 August 2015 10:26

Shafaq News / The member of the Integrity Committee in Parliament MP , Aqeel Al-Zubaidi ruled out on Sunday that the current government headed by Haidar al-Abadi

would be able to solve the power crisis unless it destroys the financial corruption rampant in this file.

Zubaidi said in a statement, that the improvement of electricity is a dream that cannot be reached unless there is an elimination for corruption in its reform process, stressing that we need a revolution to restore things to normal and overcome the crisis through real decisions .

He added that previous governments have allocated billions of dollars without achieving a significant increase in production, but they have fallen in production volumes for the past year, and has made the citizens lose confidence in the government and its performance.

Zubaidi said that the solution to this crisis is not impossible and can be overcome, by removing this file from the political trading and corruption which will accelerate achieving this, and without that nothing will be achieved and this crisis will not be passed.

The country's provinces, including the capital Baghdad are witnessing ongoing demonstrations in protest against the shortage of electric power with the summer heat peaks as temperatures reach 50 Degrees.