Vice President of the House of Representatives Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, confirms the British delegation on the importance of removing differences and speed up the legislation of laws

Vice-President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Iaram Sheikh Mohammed stressed the importance of removing differences between the parliamentary blocs on the broken laws relating to political document and agreements on which formed the current government, he said, adding the need to speed up the legislation put up laws and sent by the government and activating the role of the committees of the regulatory and legislative terms, Although there are difficulties in the legislative process because of political affiliations and backgrounds of the masters of the House of Representatives, he came modern sovereignty during a meeting in his office today the British delegation, which included all of the (Lord Archie Kirkwood member of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom, and Colin a former member of the British House of Commons, and Alex Brazier expert Parliamentary) also attended the meeting, Mr. Samir Qassam international partners Foundation project manager.
The two sides discussed in this meeting, ways of strengthening bilateral relations and joint cooperation between the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the House of Commons and to work in order to exchange experiences and learn from international experiences in the field of laws and mechanisms of legislation and the conduct of Deputies and develop the work of the MPs and staff and develop future plans for the next stages of the inter-sessional legislative elections.

Information Office of the Vice President of the Council
Sunday, 02/08/2015