Sheikh Hamoudi: the citizen will be close to the official in the implementation of accounting and after the transfer of powers to the provinces

Between a member of the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Sheikh d. Hamoudi that the citizen would be close to the official in the implementation and application of accounting after the transfer of powers to the provinces irregular province of law, stressing that this law is a major shift and a significant and historic step in the country's future. He stressed Sheikh d. Hamoudi during his speech while attending a conference activate the second amendment to the provincial law No. 16 of 2013 and private expand provincial powers "that the House of Representatives is determined to implement the law as soon as possible and to hold the executive bodies that impede its implementation, pointing out that" discussions and amendments around it will go all Maver interest of the citizen and will stand deduced toward things that do not interest him.
And he saw the first deputy chairman of the Council through after the conference held by the Committee of the Regions and governorates not organized in a region that "under the implementation of this law will see a qualitative shift in the administrative situation in the country from the central to decentralization and thus people become able to solve problems and follow-up of local executive branch permit direct and eliminate corruption. "

He continued, "Since writing the Constitution to the day we had many discussions about the transfer of powers where we found there are problems in the mechanisms of implementation and the time and do not need to be studied and edited it in the near time.

"The idea appealed paragraphs law made ​​some ministries Taatlke in creating its own affairs for the transfer of these powers as soon as possible but today we found a strong will of the provinces and some ministries to implement this law.