Parliament Legal threat abstainers Minister for transfer of powers to "no confidence"

BAGHDAD / .. Parliamentary Legal Committee threatened, Saturday, abstainers Minister for the transfer of powers to the provincial council of "no confidence" about them....The committee member said Salim Shawki's "Eye Iraq News" that "Parliament will be held accountable ministers who fail to transfer powers to local governments in the specified period," explaining that "the committee believes that there are three measures will be applied in the case declined to Minister for the transfer of powers to local governments, including the possibility of those provinces in the application of the law in its current form but may not achieved the desired objective only through coordination with those ministries, and can the provinces file a complaint with the Federal Court in the absence of the transfer of these powers by the government, as well as that of the right of the House of Representatives that collects signatures for the purpose of abstaining ministries accountable even obscure confidence for these ministers. "
Shawki and that "the lack of transfer of powers to local governments by the ministry concerned is legal and constitutional, and a clear violation," stressing that "some MPs will resort to the complaint on the minister who abstain from the transfer of powers to the provinces of the Federal Court."

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi stressed, in (April 27, 2015), that the transfer of powers to the provinces do not drop him, noting that the government is moving in this experiment.

The Act 21 of 2008 for provincial councils issued by the House of Representatives that the provincial councils regulatory and supervisory powers over all ministries and institutions except the courts, universities and the military.