Parliamentary Economic Committee discussed the growing poverty rates in the country

(Independent) .. Search Committee Chairman economy and investment parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani, with the director of the Higher Committee for poverty alleviation in Iraq Najla Ali Murad, the presence of a number of the members of the Committee, the situation currently experienced by the country's security and economic levels reflected negatively on the living conditions of the individual Iraq, where recent indicators showed growing poverty rates and declining performance of the concerned authorities in the implementation of their development programs of projects and services. The MP said Bolani during the meeting that the recent policies of executive power and the most important of the allocation of $ 6 billion in loans sectoral banks, government banks and civil, are awarded for the creation of small and medium-sized projects will have a significant impact in the economy moving and absorb large numbers of manpower and hence poverty alleviation in the country, stressing the need to focus on the implementation of the mitigation of poverty adopted by the Ministry of Planning and strategic programs that have a good amount allocated for the implementation of projects in the investment sector for the advancement of education and health, environmental and housing in the poorer provinces of reality " For its part, confirmed the director of the Higher Committee for poverty alleviation in Iraq Najla Ali Murad said poverty alleviation strategy, which began in earnest in 2012 achieved good results across enable them to alleviate poverty rates of 23% in 2007 to under 19% in 2013, thanks to the preparation of accurate data and map projects to be implemented and their impact on poverty rates in the province.