Jubouri: the fifth of August transmission, the quality of the content of the political system and the face of division

Counting House Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, a fifth day of August set by provincial law for the transfer of powers to local governments, in the form of transmission quality and content of the administrative and political system in Iraq. Jubouri said on Sunday, while attending the transfer of powers to the provincial conference, said that "the law on the expansion of provincial powers, which states that the provincial council, the highest authority of legislation and oversight within the administrative border of the province, and it has the right to issue legislation within the limits of the province to enable it to manage its affairs in accordance with the the principle of administrative decentralization that does not conflict with the Constitution and laws and federal. " He added that "this is an extraordinary step in a serious mandate administrative broad, extra confidence from the center in the governorates and their ability to manage that and act Bmekdartha and moving the human structure," stressing that "the provinces worthy of this trust which have proven their ability to take responsibility by measuring performance despite the obstacles that have been her, including terrorism and economic decline in the ability of the country and that the result reflected on the state and the federal budget and affected a direct impact on provincial budgets. "
Jubouri said that "these challenges are not trivial nor easy However provincial and local administrations and councils Conservatives are still cooperating in order to cross this difficult stage through the perpetuation and understanding between them and the center of dialogue."
He explained that "the fifth day of a father is moving the quality of the form and content of the administrative and political system in Iraq, impact of this authorizations to the provinces package will take certainly a positive political dimension gives councils adequate space for the tender, initiative and positive competition and effective, which will lead to the result of the evolution of the means of development and will be reflected inevitably The final outputs of the achievement and we are confident of that. "
The head of the House of Representatives that "the government's efforts during the last period to complete the preparations for this bold practice confirms its commitment to the central leave and confidence in the democratic transformation which gained Iraq after a long era of central narrow that control the distance to each sub-detail", adding that "this feeling and action is calculated to the government and we call on them to complete the application of this transition, which will include eight key ministries, hoping not to drag on for the transfer of powers and that are in accordance with a clear timetable and a specific and fast. "
He explained, "We have to believe without hesitation that the country, which consists of a variety of national and ethnic segments of the need to decentralize it serves through which national unity is the best way to confront the dangers of separation and division," pointing out that "administrative decentralization emphasized by the Iraqi constitution in its paragraphs of Article 108 Article 113 will give us the opportunity to activate the role of regional and local authority and that the attribution of its administrative and developmental tasks increase the effectiveness and enhance its role in shouldering its responsibilities and powers of the form in which it works to integrate the local population in local development can process and ultimately leads to success. "
He continued, "We will work seriously on the reduction of administrative bureaucracy, and we will be able to facilitate and accelerate the process of administrative decision-making and development which will contribute to finding a just distribution of power in decision-making and investments and resources within the state."
He called al-Jubouri, the provincial councils and departments to "invest this historic opportunity to advance themselves and develop their ability."
The Committee held the regional and provincial Parliament, on Sunday, an expanded conference in which the government and the House of Representatives jointly to discuss the transfer of powers, under the auspices of Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the presence of the heads of political blocs and the ministers concerned and the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and parliamentary committees and the heads of provincial councils and governors for the purpose of discussing actions to be taken after the transfer of powers for Mhafezat.