The economic and investment commission is preparing to hold an expanded meeting of the mature amendment of the Investment Law

The economic and investment commission held under the chairmanship of parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani and the presence of members of the committee today Sunday, 08/02/2015 a meeting to discuss the final amendments to the Iraqi Investment Law No. (13) of 2006. And discuss the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Commission preparing to hold an expanded meeting at the headquarters of the House of Representatives next Wednesday to officials of the investment departments in all ministries and government bodies as well as discuss the Commission's work plan for the next stage. The conferees discussed the most important passages and modified to add the principle of international arbitration, finance and resolve the single window and activated a problem to be applicable in practice and to discuss land ownership and adjust interest rates on investment loans to be more acceptable to the beneficiary last representatives of the Iraqi citizen.
For his part, Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment Mr. Jawad al-Bolani during the meeting that "the purpose of holding an expanded meeting with the investment departments in the executive branch officials would complement a series of meetings and seminars and the first conference of investment, which was held in Baghdad last February, where they will be put up last amendments to the provisions of the Investment Law Iraqi and keep pace with the extent and direction of these entities to promote investment in fact the full potential and exploit the available resources to achieve the extra financial returns for the benefit of the public treasury. "

He said the Attorney-Bolani said "the economic and investment commission is keen to meet the final adjustments orientations of the House of Representatives in the development of the investment sector, economic development and more importantly, is to find a capable legislation to achieve the greatest possible benefit to the Iraqi people.