Chancellor of the Iraqi Parliament calls for legislation political agreement to achieve national reconciliation laws

Dr. Unit Jumaili called House Speaker adviser for Iraqi national reconciliation to abandon the break wills are to achieve national reconciliation through political agreement legislation laws. It said in a press statement on Saturday morning provided the "Riyadh" a copy of it: There are a set of laws and arrived at the Iraqi parliament, including the National Guard Act, the Federal Court, the Law on the Prohibition of the Baath party, and the law of accountability and justice, and the law of compensation for victims of justice, and the law of the delegation of authority , another package of laws that were agreed upon within a close political agreement. She pointed out that if there were the will to pass such laws, and voted on in Parliament, and passed the correct form that achieves the purpose of, the achievement of the existence of this law through legislation, we would have achieved national reconciliation, adding that there are those counted on some political blocs are working to break the wills With gain time and delay the completion of this legislation laws that came from the government process. Jumaili noted that at a time when the government says it has completed 80 percent, from a close political agreement, it is true, but it is the completion of this achievement by voting or laws, which came to parliament by the government legislation, and showed that the blocs in parliament are itself in the government, and thus can be of the blocks in the government that affect the deputies in parliament in order to pass these laws.