They said was not qualified to assess the role of any Arab country Lawyers and Iraqi Arabs denounce Maliki's comments

Denounced a number of Arab Lawyers and the Iraqis provocative and outrageous statements uttered Nuri al-Maliki against the kingdom and the Gulf states, and said international lawyers that this blind remarks outrageous and provocative and non-responsible is an expression of congestion this man and his hatred of black against Arabs and Taivih abhorrent suspicious and his agenda, which we are used to it and rip it Iraq and sow sectarian and fueling sectarian conflict in Iraq and wants to export to the outside for the implementation of the agenda of his masters. In this regard, said the "Riyadh" lawyer d. Mohammed al-Sheikhli: "The al-Maliki exceeded norms and conventions and rules of international law and a breach of good neighborliness is a continuation of his policies sectarian Iraq direction and the Arab neighbors, especially Saudi Arabia, which has exercised restraint direction of al-Maliki and continuing excesses against the policy, in order to preserve them on the bonds of Arab strong relations and a continuation of quiet diplomacy policy dealing with Arab issues, especially the situation in Iraq after the occupation in 2003, but al-Maliki's dependence on his positions sectarian and his insistence on overtaking the principles of good neighborliness requires strict and decisive stand against him, especially since he is unaware that the international trusteeship system ended the end of the League of Nations before the Second World War, and this is proof that Maliki as a pawn cheap patch Iranian chess, which you use to perform their ends expansion at the expense of the region. "
Shaykhli: Maliki must put under mental and political stone

And went Sheikhli, saying: "I firmly believe that al-Maliki should be forbidden him by law and as a ribald does not realize his actions and his words and have committed crimes against humanity against the Iraqi people, and the international community must realize that like al-Maliki is a threat to international peace and security and should be brought to international justice, Because the presence of the Iraqi political scene risk is similar to Hitler and Mussolini, who pushed the world into a global war, because al-Maliki holds a sectarian and chauvinist contract toward Iraq and the Arab countries, where it was before the occupation leads mafias terrorist committed crimes against the innocent, and continued mentality through assuming responsibility for governing Iraq, and Maliki now leads the sectarian militias hate crimes committed daily against the Sunnis in Iraq, so I think that the time has come to put political and mental stone on Maliki to overcome and that his actions have hurt and destroyed Iraq and the region. "

For his part, told the lawyer Ziad Najdawi for "Riyadh", saying: "The sectarian politics and actions reckless for this terrorist makes the whole world frowns malicious statements that reflect the same hateful sectarian who under the authority and performs his masters orders, that this terrorist last person to talk about reform, peace and sanity so Because it is his party basis roots of terrorism, sectarianism and fueling the sectarian conflict in the region, I do not know if he had forgotten or pretended to forget his crimes and Tvjerath in the era of the eighties and which detonated the Embassy of Iraq in Beirut, which claimed the victim of this criminal act of terrorism a lot of innocent people. Today, the grave in Iraq, his crimes and his the dismantling of the Iraqi people and hit national unity are witness to the sadistic this rascal criminal. The recent remarks against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rejected in toto which reflected the same sectarian distasteful, that our appointment with this terrorist Safavid offender is close to the international courts for committing serious international crimes do not fall limitations sooner or later. "

The lawyer said Ziad al-Khasawneh: "What is contained in the words of Nuri al-Maliki is worthy of respect and trust, a creature of the occupation and tucked in Iraq and the region is not entitled to speak in any significant Arabic and put deplorable status Saudi under international trusteeship is but an extension of more killings and genocide committed in Iraq and transfer to the rest parts of the region, said that the crimes committed by this Nouri in our beloved Iraq will keep chasing him and chasing his ilk from the agents of the occupier forever and we are determined to pursue him in the international criminal justice soon, and especially those who have helped and are helping the occupation of their country, and went on in amok and they abandoned the national and sectarian wore a dress and planted and Ojajoa religious and sectarian conflict to disrupt the homelands and the fragmentation of the nation for the implementation of well-known foreign agendas. "

For his part, commenting on the views of Arab and international lawyers d said. Khalili al-Dulaimi: "The recent statements by the al-Maliki are only a clear expression of sadism this criminal the owner of Black History long history of murder, crime and terrorism, the man since the time of the eighties of the last century when he was practicing cross-border terrorism and that bombed embassies abroad through Melcyate suspicious, and that this terrorist but expressed the remarks unrestrained expression clear that he performs Iranian agenda Persian and the role of Iran sabotage on the regional and international arenas, a role embodied in his leadership of the militias, sectarian terrorist Safavid criminal in Iraq and the whole world knows that this criminal dementia sectarian boob committed the most heinous dangerous in Iraq of international crimes which crimes and violations gross international humanitarian law and affects international peace and security .. this criminal terrorist and fancy it is still responsible and influential a wicked and outcast and rejected by all sects and creeds for his involvement in the ugly and awful against Iraqi society torn and Stth and labor intensive as the sectarian wars, when dared to describe Khasia Saudi Arabia crimes as the root of terrorism and asked to be placed under the trusteeship of international and Mandate forgot or pretended to forget that the probate system and the mandate has gone before and for a Charter of the United Nations and contemporary international law, and forgot or pretended to forget the sectarian terror that the country of the Two Holy and his Government leads two billion Muslims follow the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, nor the status "of the heresies and misguidance "Muslims in the Dictionary tolerant religion of God embodied Kingdom Bsberha and restraint and the fight against extremism and sectarian mobilization."

He said al-Dailami: "The crimes committed by this sectarian terrorist offender no statute of limitations sooner or later a war crimes, crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity as well as the crime of incitement and sectarian mobilization against terrorism and he tore the unity of the Iraqi people as more than half of the people of Iraq that they are followers more than the other part that Hussein's followers, and this same sectarian unacceptable and we did not know before, at a time he lived the people of Iraq for thousands of years united Mtakhia, and probably did not advise him legal advisers that the crime of incitement in international criminal law punishable by more severe than the death perpetrator himself. We insure millions of the families of victims of this sectarian terrorist criminal that the blood of their sons and symptoms and the honor of Iraqi men and women violated in prisons and cells of this criminal are all documented we have hundreds of thousands of files and witnesses and CDs and are ready to have and we'll very soon be submitting the form of lawsuits in international courts to obtain this criminal and his ilk and his gang of gangs terrorist militias as well as the Safavid held accountable after the liberation of Iraq, God willing, in front of the Iranian occupation of the Iraqi National free judiciary. "

Dailami also praised the role of the Kingdom, saying: "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its leadership and its place among the nations of the earth and its people to support peace and security and the fight against extremism and terrorism, and the stability of States, the largest and the Kingdom of compromise the reputation of this Bugger boob. This criminal forgotten that his abhorrent sectarianism will not send him to the forefront of the scene political in so-called "political process" that resulted from the illegal occupation and thus Vhgmeh now not exceed the size of the bubble. "