During a meeting with the Office of the hijackers Affairs official Elisediat ... Parliament Speaker: calls on all parties, tribal and community events to make great efforts to help ease the suffering of the Yazidi

House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, received in his office, on Sunday, abducted Affairs Office official Elisediat Mr. Hussein drivers. During the meeting, they reviewed Yazidi file abducted by elements of the terrorist organization Daash and ways of providing assistance especially to editors of them, as Mr. gave the leaders a detailed explanation about the file and the most prominent challenges. Chairman of the House of Representatives and stressed that Daash does not represent a class or a certain range, which is far from the principles of the religion of the Islamic religion and is contrary to the teachings of tolerance, pointing out that the House of Representatives cares a lot in this file is important being affects segment of Iraqi society and that he is launching a help and support him, calling on all sides Community and tribal events and to make great efforts to alleviate the suffering of Yazidi.
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The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives