Maliki is talking about the plot for "burnout citizen"

Brother - Baghdad - MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, said the decision to mobile phone companies to impose a tax on shipping Kartat in conjunction with the power crisis and street revolution against corruption and the corrupt, cheap plot, intended to harass the citizen and his occupation other things.

He said in a press release, "The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari Ayai size resolutions that strive out without regard for consequences or effects on the citizen and the political process both Vnchahdh sometimes wants mortgage SOC and at other times sends staff province salaries by the Iraqi salaries of state employees exchange in general, and most recently his interpretation of the budget and however he wants nothing to do with the resolutions issued by the merits of the law Mgrda out of tune like a prime minister, not a minister in the government cabins. "

Maliki said, "The budget clearly indicated the imposition of sale on the mobile phone companies tax rate of 20% and is not a tax on the buyer, a citizen, and as seems to be the Minister of Finance linking the interests of those companies making it to Aatakz any decision raises alarm or affect the profits that are originally earth-shattering" .

He stressed "the need to take the Ministry of Communications and Government penal and punitive decisions on the mobile phone companies which became their work first supporter of Daash to kill and fatigue of the Iraqi people", calling for "forcing companies to pay Maalaha of previous debts immediately or terminate contracts with them and compel it to pay the condition punitive for breach of the terms of the agreement." .