Water and electricity demonstrations spread to the cities of central Iraq

Yesterday demonstrations continued in a number of southern provinces starting from Basra until Dhi Qar against poor water and electricity services and protests spread campaign to Central provinces, including Najaf, where he was held angry protesters vice president of the provincial council for several hours before security forces could take it out of their grip.In the same context, others activists to organize demonstrations is preparing next Friday in Baghdad, which had witnessed last Wednesday strangest demonstration in its history They do train drivers to move a number of them where they cut a number of the streets of the Karkh district in Baghdad, which prompted the official authorities to restore to talk about «lurking.»

The front of the governor's office in Basra, protested yesterday about 500 people waving Iraqi flags and banners demanding a solution to the problem of water that rises by salinity.
The student said Ziad Tariq, 24, «We demand the resignation of the governor and the provincial council, it's time to get the people of Basra on their rights».

When the deputy governor came out to listen to the demands of the demonstrators, throwing these improvised plastic water and insisted that meet the same conservative.
Tariq He added that «the local government is always improving the quality of water and electricity, but they are all liars and no longer have any credibility», adding that «the temperature is 54 degrees Celsius in central Basra (...) the people of Basra are very angry at their leaders».The Raad Jassim, 36, an employee in the company «South Oil», said that «the anger of the people of Basra is mainly due to the lack of benefit from their region's oil wealth».

He added that «Iraq Basra feed, and funded by the state, but we do not have adequate water».
According to figures released by the Iraqi Oil Ministry yesterday, the 94.9 of 96.2 million barrels of oil a chest Iraq in July produced the southern oil fields.However Basra area is still developing and suffer from a permanent interruption of the power supply and poor water and lack of waste collection as well as other problems, all of which they urged a large number of people of Basra to demand autonomy.Security forces were deployed in the vicinity of the county seat yesterday after less than two weeks on the violence broke out during a demonstration to protest against the power cuts.He said Mohammed Shaker (52 years) professor of secondary education, «spread security and if we were planning to overthrow the government.We protest peacefully and all we want is our right to clean drinking water. »

It rose the same slogans in the city of Karbala, 75 kilometers south of Baghdad.
As hundreds protested yesterday morning to protest against the deterioration of services and the spread of corruption.The demonstration marched towards the local government building amid tight security.Demonstrators chanted «thieves sold us the name of religion», including students, artists and journalists.Said Yasser Abdel Halim, a member of a coordinating Karbala civil motionless Organization of the demonstration, «We will continue this movement to be realized that our demands for better services, especially electricity and the elimination of corruption and the corrupt and the improvement of living and security conditions.»

He said Yasser «If this layer could not (political) over 12 years to improve the situation have to resign and leave».
For his part, civil rights activist and artist playwright Ali Shaibani, Shiite students by issuing an explicit fatwa to demonstrate that conditions change, stressing that «things from bad to worse and must be mass action against those who stole people's money they carousing its rewards salaries are astronomical figures have properties abroad and carousing with electricity and we are in a free and Oz and misery. »