Civil Alliance holds al-Maliki responsible for the power crisis

Khandan -ali Naji

Download MP for the Civic Democratic Alliance high-Sheikh Ali, former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki responsible for the power crisis, the wasted $ 27 billion dedicated to address the power crisis in the country.

Sheikh Ali said in a press conference held by the House of Representatives and attended by the correspondent "Khandan" that "Maliki is responsible for squandering $ 27 billion was earmarked for improving energy power during his premiership," adding that "the only responsible for the deterioration of the electric power is al-Maliki, and not the current Prime Minister or the current Minister of electricity. "

He pointed out that "yesterday the protest demonstrations were people express rejection of the policies of the government over electricity, especially relating to corruption", criticizing some of the media "for non-coverage of the demonstrations yesterday because she was shy coverage."

The MP for the Civil Alliance that "the demands of the demonstrators confined to the return of electricity, accounting file corruption involved in this aspect and bring $ 27 billion that fudged al-Maliki."