Spread before the date of implementation of the tariff spread before the date of implementation of the customs tariff Integrity recognize invading shoddy goods markets .. and quality control laboratories ineligible

Mushtaq Al-Jassem said the report of the Integrity Commission which was released mid this month that local markets are trading some materials and goods not meeting the requirements of obtaining certificates of conformity by international inspection companies, as the report pointed out that the laboratories Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control in the border ports do not meet the conditions required technical, and the examination and inspection located at the border crossing points is not good program because of a malfunction in his program. This recognition of the government and that it was getting late and behind the flooding of local markets with goods lousy as confirmed by our newspaper press in earlier investigations.

The question today who bears the suffering of the ordinary citizen who tempted competitive prices for those goods which are forced to buy them, it was announced the report that these materials (washing and Sas, tea and acid powder and detergent liquid) is subject to the right of the check, and this fact leads us to the list of shoddy materials will drag after Official tests that will include some kinds of meat, chicken importer and canning as well as gold and violation of goldsmiths and the lack of SMH in order to manipulate its quality and weight. Chancellor followed the reactions of citizens through the following investigation: the demand for cheap goods for the first tour in the New Baghdad market where we met Hamid Racine (employees) who says: And finally recognized one of the state institutions of the existence of goods and commodities is poor, despite the identification of those types, but I'm sure if it was other tests for the long list, but apparently that circumstance is going through the country to prevent the Integrity Commission of the announcement of the other tests, and the question remains why traders who are behind the Aital the import of such goods by subjecting them to the Iraqi judiciary crime of terrorism, The damage the health of citizens the most serious crime against humanity, but the clear that protects them from there in order to pass its own interests.

He added: It seems that the application of tariff led traders to import goods in large quantities by the application of the law in order to raise prices after the next month of August for a quick profit at the expense of the citizen and we are confident that the imported goods will be poor despite the presence of control at border crossing points because of this control is effective also stressed that the report of the Integrity Commission. Says the beauty of the visual (shopkeeper): that the citizen today is imported, whether the owner of a trade or experience or not important imports, according to possessions of the funds, according to what it wants is what is the demand by the low-income to the lack of purchasing power in the market, he said, adding: This does not prevent traders from importing good products but demand is for cheap goods price despite the lack of quality, and this is what encouraged the merchant that exhibits the diverse ways of cheating techniques such as changing the cover of the goods, or her address or the origin and aspire to is to meet the requests and making the commodity itself features but devoid of quality and durability.

He added that the weakness of control at border crossing points and the delay in the application of international quality system, making Iraq an arena for selling shoddy goods, whether food or electricity, which cost the citizen financial losses through the purchase of goods, so ask the government to activate the Iraqi Penal Code against traders who import these goods, even if The harmful citizen. global brands and to guarantee the cream Nayef (taxi driver) says that the purchase of products manufactured from international brands and ensuring long is the best of the product safety hand and ensure that the manipulation of the quality and efficiency of the industry, in addition to safety sustained for a longer time and at a reasonable price, it is better than low-price goods and poor quality and unknown origin and put into the market from different sources and incorrect. And shared his opinion Juma needed (earner) saying: that the product loss today go back to the shop owner if the goods are poor, Consumers is returned on the other hand does not return to the importing company, and this is who bears the loss, indicating that the return to work of national Bamaamlna and restore activity to our companies Iraqi industrial, electronic and electrical appliances as the company and the textile and leather industries can get rid of this shoddy goods, and so we will work to alleviate the burden of the citizens and facilitate the procurement process them in terms of security and the quality of the hardware and sustain when the consumer for a longer period.

Industrial Muhannad Al Masood says that the application is very important tariffs to protect the domestic product and bring life to the laboratories and factories and workshops that have stopped due to lack of competitiveness on the one hand, but we demand to be duties and taxes on goods initially simple so get used to it citizens, taking into consideration fears of citizens from a possible rise in goods and commodities prices due to this step, of course, will be more affected then those with limited income it is necessary to take account of this aspect, and continued: shoddy goods significantly contributed to the sabotage of the Iraqi consumer taste through its dominance of the local market and encourage Iraqi importers to import goods cheap but it is well made, and through the application of the decision obliging importers procuring (quality certificate), the approximately 50% of the goods that will not get access to the border crossing points license, because it is simply not suitable for consumption never. fraud operations in the sale of gold and was the Integrity Commission It issued its monthly report, which included several irregularities committed by goldsmiths through display jewelry and Mkhclat golden unmarked Bosmh device, violators of the provisions of Articles (second, third and fourth) of the Code of marking Jewellery No. 83 of 1976, and their refusal to give examples of teams device for the purpose of testing and conformity and exercising the profession without obtain the necessary leave and the promotion of fraudulent transactions vacations. The examination and marking Almkhclat and precious metals (gold and silver) received from the citizens of goldsmiths and jewelry department functions in the device. The report surprised at the existence of laboratories in the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control not meet the conditions required technical as is the case in the industries department textile referring to the creation of a new building for laboratory food turned out later that it is not suitable for the job, according to the opinion of relevant experts pointing out surprisingly received the building despite the fact that Massaadha It is not completed in full and the collapse of some parts through achievement process. The jeweler Hussein Mandalawi says: the manipulation of gold exists on a limited level, but the spread is causing problems for countless, some jewelers deliberately non-marking of gold for the purpose of manipulation has been encouraged by the absence of permanent monitoring teams inspection sent by the Central Agency for Standardization, some shop owners when he hears the arrival of these teams take the initiative to shut him arguing many arguments. Chancellor

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