Sheikh al-Maliki accused of "squandering" $ 27 billion allocated to tackle the power crisis

Baghdad scales News - He accused the MP for the Civic Democratic Alliance high-Sheikh Ali, Saturday, Former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of squandering $ 27 billion dedicated to address the power crisis in the country. Ali said at a news conference attended / scales News / that "al-Maliki responsible for squandering $ 27 billion was earmarked for improving energy electricity during his three successive governments." He added that the "only one responsible for the deterioration of the electric power is not al-Maliki and the current prime minister Haider al-Abadi Awozar electricity," explaining that "the protest demonstrations yesterday was the crossing of the refusal of the people to the government's policies on electricity, especially relating to corruption." He criticized the "media for not covering demonstrations yesterday," describing the "Balkhjulh that coverage." He stressed that "the demands of the protesters confined to the return of electricity, accounting involved in this aspect file corruption and restore $ 27 billion fudged Maliki" .anthy