Parliamentary Legal reveal 13 constitutional violation powers of the President to the draft law

Detection of the Legal Committee member Salim Chawki, Saturday, for more than 13 constitutional violation in the draft law powers of the President, noting that if the law was rejected in principle by Parliament will be postponed to the second reading of the legislative term. He said Shawki's / scales News / that "more than 13 articles in the draft law powers of the President in which the constitutionality of the law and not included irregularities in the Constitution because the specific powers of the President and not provided for by the Constitution and thus are detract from the powers of the prime minister." He added that "if the bill was rejected in principle by the members of parliament did not read in this chapter will be postponed to read on the second quarter but this decision will return to the presidency of the Republic for reconsideration," adding that "what is to be a review of the draft terms of reference Law President by the presidency will be transferred to the Parliamentary Legal Committee. " "The House Speaker Salim al issued a decision on the laws that come from the government presented directly for the first reading without taking the opinion of the committees and with respect to the second reading of the Committee is given 15 days only for discussion and then the law is placed on the agenda for the purpose of speeding up the legislation of laws."