Province of Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Workers' demands to leave its territory

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - He demanded the presidency of the region of Kurdistan , Saturday, the PKK to leave its territory. She said a number of media in a flash I followed Alsumaria News , "The presidency of the region demanded that the PKK out of the territory of Kurdistan." She added that "the region called for the party to bring the rules of Kurdistan, because it gives justification to the Turkish government to do this bombing." The Kurdistan Regional Parliament called on Saturday (July 25, 2015), the Turkish government to stop its attacks against PKK positions, and as pointed out that the start of the peace process in Turkey gave hope to all, the two sides called for commitment to the peace process. Turkish forces resumed shelling and strongly strongholds of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, in an attack is the first of its kind following the announcement of the withdrawal of armed men from Turkish territory Party. He said the Iraqi cabinet on Tuesday (July 21, 2015), the Turkish bombardment on Iraqi territory, "a serious escalation and aggression" on Iraqi sovereignty, calling on Turkey to respect good neighborly relationship between the two countries and not to escalate.