Obeidi concludes his visit to Moscow and returns to Baghdad with "unlimited Russian support” in the military field

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Minister of Defense , Khaled al-Obeidi and his accompanying delegation returned to Baghdad on Tuesday morning after they concluded an official visit to Russia, which lasted for days. Al-Obeidi had traveled on Tuesday to Russia and held talks over two days with Russian officials on supplying Iraq with weapons in the war against ISIS. As Russian newspapers reported that Moscow has shown its willingness to hand over Iraq with new weapons to strengthen the capacity of its forces in the war against the militants.. According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense received by Shafaq News, al-Obeidi returned this morning to Baghdad after he headed the Iraqi delegation to the meetings of the Iraqi - Russian State Committee of Military Technical Cooperation, which was held in Saint Petersburg city in Russia for the period of 27-31 of last July. The Minister of Defense has signed at the conclusion of talks on Iraq's Meeting - Russian Committee’s Minutes for Military Technical Cooperation, and signed by the Russian side by Alexander Fomin ,head of the Russian Federal government body.
Minutes of the meeting included the adoption of action mechanisms agreed upon by the two parties during the talks held by the joint technical committees for both parties , various leaders and weapons as well as agreement on a number of administrative and financial procedures that will facilitate the implementation of the agreements reached between the parties.

The two sides have made talks over the past days and a comprehensive review of contracts concluded between them about reinforcement of technical, financial and administrative aspects, as well as looking for new prospects of future military cooperation between them.

The head of the Russian Federal Commission , Alexander Fomin said in a statement , Russia's support for the struggle of the Iraqi people as they face the forces of terrorism, expressing Russia’s permanent unlimited readiness to open up new prospects for cooperation on military cooperation between the two countries so as to contribute in upgrading the combat effort of the Iraqi army and strengthen it in all fields .