My good friend Joe has died!!
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Thread: My good friend Joe has died!!

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    Unhappy My good friend Joe has died!!


    Hello All,

    My very good Dinar buddy, Joe [XXXXX], died from an accident on his family farm last Monday, 7/27! His funeral was on Friday, 7/31.

    He was only 60 years old and had been in the Dinar investment for the last 5 or 6 years. He was an EXPERT researcher and VERY knowledgeable about all things related to Iraq!

    He was one of the MAIN Iraqi news contributors over at the [XXXXXXX] Forum headed by Steve L. Joe was also very well respected in the Dinar community! He NEVER gave a rate or a DATE, but his opinions were ALWAYS backed by FACTS!!

    Joe had suffered greatly from the cancer death of his wife and he stood by her side at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He spent MANY nights in the medical library there trying to help her to live longer!!

    He had such DREAMS of buying a fancy boat, and LOTS of very nice things for his children and his devoted girlfriend!! PLUS being financially secure for the FIRST time in his life, just like ALL of us here!!

    Over the last few years, he became a very good online friend, although we had never met! He helped me through MANY of my recent trials and tribulations and was ALWAYS quick to offer caring advice and many prayers!! He also often calmed me down when I would get freaked out by Dinar news and/or articles!

    It just TEARS me up that he did NOT live to see the RV, which hopefully happens VERY soon!!

    RIP, my good friend Joe! I love you and you are LOVED and missed VERY much!!

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    Re: My good friend Joe Huber has died!!

    Hello cjk711...

    So sorry for the loss of your friend... Death is such a sting that will one day no longer be in accordance to God's Word... In the mean time we endure, and place our faith in HIM who is greater than all of Creation... May HE comfort you, and calm your fears... All will come to pass in accordance to God's will...

    God bless, and May HIS PEACE BE UPON YOU...


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