Sistani warns Abadi .. limits to the patience of the citizens!

The witness Liberation Square in central Baghdad Sunday evening protest against power loss at temperatures touched 53 Celsius has the face of top Shi'ite cleric in Iraq, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani Friday sharply criticized the government Abadi for the loss of services and rising unemployment and Ancharalvesad which he said was the basis of the scourge .. and he warned her, saying, "The limits to the patience of the citizens," calling to respond to their demands and not to deal with their needs violently. Successive governments did not address the lack of services, especially electricity , said a certified reference Sistani, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai during Friday prayers of the holy city of Karbala (110 km) south of Baghdad today and pursued "Culture" through the local channels that the loss of public services in Iraq, especially the large power shortages mounts with Heats up to unprecedented levels touched 53 degrees Celsius .. He pointed out that he was on the successive governments address this problem through effective process plans but unfortunate that every government put the blame on the previous one and it does not is to work to alleviate the suffering of Iraqis.

On Wednesday decided Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi inclusion of housing all state officials Dmenhm housing the prime minister, ministers and three presidencies and their deputies, deputies, governors, presidents and members of provincial bodies and independent agents and advisers boards and general managers machining programmed electricity .. also prevent strictly prohibited to use the fuel allocations from the state to run generators for private residence for all officials State.

For its part Meteorological Authority, said Iraq is expected during the next four days, high temperatures to record more than 50 C in Baghdad. Said Deputy Director of the weather forecasting department in the body honorary Abdul Karim that "the country will see over the next three days, a new heat wave tougher than its predecessors to touching 53 degrees Celsius are called on the government to disrupt the official working hours from Thursday to next Sunday.
According to Iraqi sources that the country's government have spent on electric power projects during the last ten twelve years about $ 30 billion.

Rising unemployment
and said Karbalai that this is associated with the inability to provide appropriate opportunities in the labor and employment that provides a decent living for those in need .. and confirmed the existence of a high rate of unemployment among successive governments overlook address this problem, despite the enormous potential of the Iraq if exploited, there would have remained unemployed work.

He noted that all of these consequences caused by the widespread corruption in the country, calling it own misfortunes and the cause of terrorism and the security chaos. He warned that despite this, the citizens are still Sabreen Mahzben and make their lives and their sons to fight terrorism Aldaasha .. he stressed said, "but patience has limits" and can not wait any longer, therefore, the central government and the governments Mahlaah in the provinces to deal respectfully with the demands of citizens and not to deal with them violently and took Ttalaaahm to respect and work to alleviate their suffering.

Addressing a certified Sistani officials saying "beware of underestimating the demands and needs of citizens, but also work to achieve their demands seriously and sincerely."

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs of the Iraqi Mohammed Shia'a Sudanese had revealed in March (March) last year for exceeded the unemployment rate in Iraq's 25 percent .. He said in a press statement that the rate of unemployment in the country have risen recently because of terrorist acts that took place recently the country, pointing out that the unemployment rate exceeded 25 percent, and here responsibility be great to deal with this.
The Iraqi Ministry of Planning had announced Last year, the unemployment rate in the Iraqi society amounted to 16 percent.

Communicate with the people of the liberated areas
and military developments and the battles taking place in western Anbar province, since more than two weeks Sheikh Karbalai he said while continuing heroine forces with volunteers fight the terrorists in different parts of the country, especially in the province of Ramadi center and investigating victories it must expand the participation of the regions under the control of the organization "Daash" especially of the sons of the tribes where known Bgertha on Iraq and its unity and dignity.

He noted that the participation of volunteers from other parts of Iraq with the sons of the tribes they increase them militarily and morally Aqtdara and enhance the cohesion of the citizens and emphasizes the unity of purpose and belonging to Iraq one unified and miss the opportunity to both Assay for the band the country sons.

He stressed the need that coincides with a move officials to open up to the citizens of the liberated areas and listen to their demands and aspirations mutual trust and a sense of common destiny and co-existence on the basis of national partnership.

The Iraq yesterday signed with the United Nations and the United States in recognition of a financial grant to stabilize Messaging and rehabilitation of the liberated areas from the control of the organization "Daash" was first paid $ 8 million .. Ebadi said Office in a press statement that "the United States will begin under that delivery amounts premium first $ 8.3 million to the United Nations, which will manage the implementation of rapid rehabilitation projects basic services and humanitarian needs and which will receive the amounts of donor countries successively under what was decided at the Paris Conference in the month of June "where he was Abadi participated then conference the international coalition, which was held in the French capital Paris, where the conference monitoring sums of money to the reconstruction fund for the liberated areas and stressed that there is confirmation from coalition countries to support Iraq.

Protests the courtyard of the liberation of central Baghdad
and witness Tahrir Square in glands evening protest rally popular called by activists across networks to protest the loss of services large and power shortages.
and pre-empted a senior government source protests by emphasizing that pretend right guaranteed by the Constitution and noted that the government will take into account would ask him protesters during the demonstration to be set up today, but expressed fear of the presence of infiltrators in the demonstration .. explaining the presence of reform steps undertaken by the government in all fields, including the electricity sector.

The source said that "pretend right guaranteed by the Constitution," noting that "the government will take into consideration what the demonstrators will demand it, and we would like to show the situation that form obstacles for the government. " He added that "among these things poor planning that accompanied the electricity sector for the past year and financial situation and the financial crisis experienced by the government."

The source explained in a statement quoted by "Olomreh News" that "the current government does not bear put the current electrical system which took over the reins ago nearly 10 months locked in a fierce war with Daash gangs cost it large sums of money with the deterioration of a significant decline in oil prices. "

He pointed out that "there is reform steps undertaken by the government in all fields, including the electricity sector, and we strive to provide the security and safety of the demonstrators and we fear them lurking," pointing to "The demonstration right guaranteed by the Constitution and we hope to be a peaceful demonstration, and away from whatever it is that disturbs the peace and cause a security flaw and security men will to protect the demonstrators."

The source said that "oil imports dropped to less than half and spending the war rose to fight Daash and edit every inch of Iraq "noting that" the security forces while fighting Daash the legal and moral responsibility to protect the citizens.