General Administration of Customs proceed with the application of tariff

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: The General Authority for Customs revealed that she began Saturday, the application of the tariff in ports, airports and border crossings land according to the law enacted by the House of Representatives. The Director General of the Commission Hakim Jassim for "tomorrow Press," that "the body is an executive receives FAQ from the Ministry of Almalaht, noting that "the Commission directed the application of tariff law in the first of the current August." He added that "the Commission directed its outlets in ports, airports, ports, land border, including those in Kurdistan that the province apply the law," noting that "the Commission has completed all the administrative preparations and computational amendment fee rates in accordance with the pricing of the tariff law in all customs centers on ". He said Jassim said "the Commission directed its staff to computational commitment that have occurred on goods entering the country under the new law, as well as ensuring the smooth flow of the completion of customs formalities as soon as possible," stressing that " application of the law would encourage the private sector to run small and medium-sized laboratories. " He noted that "fee rate starts from exempt to 20 percent." The Ministry of Finance has decided last March, begin applying the customs end of next June tariff after last year futures more than once because of the demand by some countries, traders and activate the new tariff law is canceled the old law subject by the civil governor of Iraq after 2003, Paul Bremer, who is serving to pay 5% tax on all goods imported from outside the country.